LibDems give up on Ludlow constituency

The MP for the Ludlow constituency commented on this month’s release of evidence presented to the Boundary Commission regarding its proposals to reshape constituency boundaries for the next election due in 2015.


Mr Dunne said: “The Boundary Commission last year proposed significant changes for some constituencies in Shropshire and Herefordshire, including the present Ludlow constituency. We all knew there would be change since the Ludlow constituency is some 10,000 voters short of what each constituency requires for the next election. The Boundary Commission proposed splitting the Ludlow constituency in two, which was challenging enough.


“It now transpires that the LibDems have given up on the Ludlow constituency, proposing dismembering the seat completely, splitting four wards around Ludlow off to Herefordshire, three wards along the Welsh border off to Shrewsbury and the remaining wards off to a constituency straddling the Severn to the south and west of Telford. They also propose parcelling a few wards presently in The Wrekin to the east of Telford off to Staffordshire.


“As the LibDems made clear in their submission, they have proposed the ‘necessity of major change, abolishing the historic Ludlow constituency’. Ludlow LibDems have clearly given up on Ludlow.”