Employment up again, unemployment continues to fall


The latest figures showing that the number of people in employment as reached another all-time high and that unemployment continues to fall have been welcomed by Shropshire MEP and Conservative Employment Spokesman, Anthea McIntyre.

“These figures show that the Government’s long-term economic plan is working and today there are 36,000 more people at work in the West Midlands than three months ago – that is great news for each of those individuals and their families.” said Miss McIntyre.

“I am particularly pleased to see that 48,000 young people started work in the last three months and that fewer young people are now unemployed than at the last General Election – this contrasts starkly with the picture in much of Europe where sadly youth unemployment rates are extremely high.

“There is still more to do, but these figures show we need to stick to the Conservatives’ long-term plan to fix the economy. That plan is getting people off benefits and into work, and delivering a more secure future for people in the West Midlands who want to work hard and get on in life.”