Dunne visits new Bridgnorth Search & Rescue facility

Bridgnorth’s MP Philip Dunne visited the West Mercia Search & Rescue facility on the Stanmore industrial estate, to meet local volunteers and see the expanded new base.


West Mercia Search & Rescue are called out by the Police and Fire Services when help is needed in finding and saving people in Shropshire, Herefordshire or Worcestershire. With specialist equipment and a high level of training, they are able to search for missing vulnerable adults and children, rescue people from floods or rivers, and provide life-saving care in an emergency. All members of the service are volunteers.


Mr Dunne said: “It was great to visit the new West Mercia Search & Rescue facility in Bridgnorth on Friday, to speak to local committed volunteers about their important work. I was particularly interested to hear of their lifesaving ability on the river Severn.


The service is completely made up of volunteers, and relies on community fundraising, so I encourage local people to consider whether they could help – by donating, holding fundraisers or giving time.”


West Mercia Search and Rescue also offer a free online short course in water safety, which may be of particular use to those who live or work by the river; spend time on or by the water; have children, and need help teaching them about water safety; walk or cycle by a canal or river; go fishing; or socialise or drink in riverside towns. The course can be completed at https://westmerciasar.org.uk/homeanddry/free-water-safety-online-course/.