Dunne disappointed with further Brexit delay

South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne expressed his disappointment as MPs voted to risk further delay and uncertainty to delivering Brexit.

Opposition MPs voted on Saturday together with the DUP and 10 independent Conservatives who lost the whip last month, for an amendment that withholds approval of the Prime Minister’s deal until legislation needed to implement it is passed through the House of Commons. 

This could slow down delivering Brexit, if MPs demand more time to scrutinise the legislation and creates further uncertainty for the country, businesses and the EU itself.

By midnight tonight the Prime Minister is required under the Benn Act to request an extension from the EU. Mr Dunne said he has every expectation he will comply with the law, though the Prime Minister has said he does not wish to negotiate a further delay beyond 31st October.

Mr Dunne said: “Today MPs had the once in a generation opportunity of sitting on a Saturday, to bring to a head the Brexit debate. The aim was to decide once and for all that we would make good on our promises, and ensure we Leave the EU with a deal.

I thought former Prime Minister, Theresa May, said it best – Labour and Conservative MPs had today to show that when they said in 2017 they would respect the outcome of the referendum, they meant it. 

Instead, a coalition of Opposition MPs voted to change a meaningful vote on the deal into a meaningless vote.

I, like the majority of my constituents, feel incredibly frustrated at this fresh chance for further delay. I shall support speedy passage of legislation (if introduced to the House next week), so the PMs new deal can be enacted as soon as possible - still by 31st October if MPs allow it - and put an end to kicking the Brexit can down the road.

What today did show, however, is momentum building towards this latest deal. Several MPs who voted for today’s amendment in order to strengthen prospects of preventing No Deal, also indicated they would vote for the deal when presented in legislation over the coming 12 days.”