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Lee Chapman is the Conservative Party Candidate in the forthcoming by-election. Local MP Philip Dunne congratulated Lee: “Lee is a vigorous campaigner who, if elected, will be a strong voice for Church Stretton & Craven Arms on Shropshire Council."

LibDems give up on Ludlow constituency

The MP for the Ludlow constituency commented on this month’s release of evidence presented to the Boundary Commission regarding its proposals to reshape constituency boundaries for the next election due in 2015. 

Opposition to AV crosses political divide

Ludlow MP, Philip Dunne is joining forces with Telford MP David Wright, to oppose changes to the voting system. Philip Dunne said: “The referendum on whether or not to abandon the parliamentary election system which has served our country well for many years clearly crosses the political divide..." 

Ludlow Conservatives launch new website

Thank you for your support at the last election. Because of you, David Cameron is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the Government’s plans to build a strong economy and a big society are in full swing. Now, to help us communicate with you, we've launched this new local website.