Candidate Development Programme a great success

Thursday, 27 October, 2016

The Shropshire wide Candidate Development Programme (CDP) held its third session last night at Leebotwood Village Hall and was hailed a resounding success.

The programme was led by Cllrs Tim Barker and David Turner, supported by Jane Gibson and Janine Hayter. The CDP started in March 2017 and has covered elements for ensuring our prospective candidates for the 2017 Unitary Authority Elections are fully equipped for the challenges ahead. Last nights session covered campaign planning and allowed candidates to understand how they can champion and support residents effectively, communicate regularly and ensure their residentsĀ are able to exercise their democratic right to vote when the elections arise, with ease!

Our candidates showed a high level of commitment to support local residents at Shropshire Council.

Should anyone be interested in becoming a local councillor and championing issues for residents in South Shropshire, please contact Jane GibsonĀ on 01584 872187 option 1 for more information about what's involved.