Boundary Commission Proposals 2012

Philip Dunne MP commented on the latest Boundary Commission proposals for the Ludlow constituency, which comprise the most radical changes for any of the existing constituencies in Shropshire.

Mr Dunne said: "The latest revisions by the Boundary Commission have accepted some of my suggestions to reduce the geographic challenge for the proposed Ludlow and Leominster seat. It also proposes to include the Alveley & Claverley ward with Bridgnorth, as I and others had recommended.

But the proposal to create a new Bridgnorth and The Wrekin constituency to the north, west and south of Telford is a major change. The Boundary Commission seems to have accepted proposals from the Labour party to preserve Telford as a single seat.

The Liberal Democrat proposals to dismember completely the Ludlow constituency have thankfully been rejected.

The process still has up to twelve months to go before being presented to Parliament for a final vote. So it remains too early to tell what the final constituency boundaries will be on which the General Election in May 2015 will be contested.

I will make my own personal decision about which seat to contest when I know what the definitive boundaries will be."