If you become become a member of the LCCA you will join the most open and democratic British political Party.

Although politicians and Conservative Central Office in London are seen as the public face of the Conservative Party, at the heart of the Party lie its members.

Our members support the Party in a large variety of ways:

  • Campaigning on our beliefs
  • Organising and attending social and political events
  • Providing new ideas
  • Keeping MPs, PPCs and local councillors informed on a range of issues
  • Assisting in the formation of policy


Whether you want to get involved with local politics, become an MP or local Councillor or simply just participate in the occasional social event. Ludlow Constituency Conservative Association is very active, and as you can see from our list of Diary Dates there are many events held throughout the year, so please join us, where you will receive a warm welcome. If you feel that you have more to offer your branch or the Association, then please contact them and they will be pleased to advise you how best to join in.

If you would like to get involved in a particular area, or would like to know more about the groups or organisations outlined in this brochure, contact your local branch or the Association office.

Your membership* of the Party provides you with the following benefits:

  • A regular newsletter (News From Broad Street) informing you of forthcoming Constituency and Party activities.
  • One member, one vote in the election of Party Leader
  • A vote in the selection of candidates for parliamentary, local government and European elections.
  • Being represented on the governing Board of the Party
  • A vote on key policy ideas for the next General Election
  • A vote at LCCA elections.
  • An opportunity to influence the development of policy.
  • An opportunity to attend annual Party Conference.
  • An opportunity to be selected as a Conservative Party Candidate for local or Parliamentary elections.


*Please note that in order to qualify for a vote in Party ballots you need to have been a full member for at least three months prior to the ballot.

^Only Party members can stand as Conservative Candidates. All those members wishing to become candidates have to undergo the Party’s recommended selection procedure before being allowed to stand.