Supper Club - Guest Speaker Jim Lawley

Friday, 3rd April 2020
7pm for supper at 7.30pm

Speaker: Jim Lawley

Venue: The Cliffe at Dinham, Ludlow in the Terrace Room

Time: Meet for pre-dinner drinks from 7pm for supper at 7.30pm

Places: £25 pp to include a three course meal and coffee or Tea - pre-payment please to secure your place. 

To book please contact the LCCA office on 01584 872187 or email

Please let the office know if you have any specific dietary requirements when booking, thank you.



Jim Lawley inspired Merlin Unwin Books of Ludlow to re-publish Ovington’s Bank,written by Stanley Weyman who was born here at 54 Broad Street Ludlow in 1855. Jim will talk to us about the author and a book that Merlin Unwin describes as "a forgotten masterpiece from peerless story-teller Stanley Weyman who was once as popular as Dickens, Kipling and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Ovington’s Bank was written at the height of Weyman’s powers, and is considered the finest of his 24 novels.

Set in 1825, the novel’s themes are as relevant today as then. The tale follows a run on a private bank: in the fall-out, the protagonists are challenged to examine their motives, their morals and their values as the surprising plot unfolds.

This is a tale of tension between traditional values and modern opportunities; between ambition and love; self-denial and passion.
In this fast-moving story, the unforgettable characters feature in a breathtaking stagecoach dash to London, a violent mugging, a cunning theft, a desperate bid to keep up appearances and the tenderest of love scenes.

Jim Lawley’s essay provides the most complete existing biography of Stanley Weyman (1855-1928), including Weyman’s own unabridged account of his dramatic arrest and imprisonment on suspicion of spying in France in 1885."